Emerging Technologies

The Fund for Innovation has supported more than 50 emerging technologies born out of the program, and the list is growing.


Prototype and Demonstration of LED Light Source that Improves Vision at Low Light Levels

Kevin Houser

Email: kwh101@psu.edu

College: Engineering

Low Cost Haptic Force Needle Insertion Simulator

Jason Moore

Email: jzm14@psu.edu

College: Engineering

Next Generation Durability-Enhancing Admixtures to Extend the Life and Reduce the Life-Cycle Costs of Concrete Infrastructure

Farshad Rajabipour

Email: fxr10@psu.edu

College: Engineering

Chest Wall Engagement for Non-Invasive Respiratory Support

Charles Palmer

Email: cxp5@psu.edu

College: Medicine


A Self-Balancing Photovoltaic Energy Storage System

Hosam Fathy

Email: hkf2@psu.edu

College: Engineering

Bone Foam-Hybrid Composite Bone Augments and Grafts

Daniel Hayes

Email: djh195@psu.edu

College: Engineering

Development of Novel Lectins for Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy

James Marden

Email: jhm10@psu.edu

College: Engineering and Science

Development of the First 3D Bioprinted Pancreas-on-a-Chip Model for Drug Screening

Ibrahim Ozbolat

Email: ito1@psu.edu

College: Medicine

Prototype Testing of a Rapid Cycle Technology for Phytosanitation of Wood Packaging Used in International Trade

John Janowiak

Email: jjj2@psu.edu

College: Agriculture

From Functions to Disease: New IDEAS to Predict Causal Variants, Effector Genes and Tissues Driving Disease Association

Yu Zhang

Email: yzz2@psu.edu

College: Science

Multiplexed Nanosecond Mid-Infrared Transient Absorption Spectrometer for High Throughput Measurements of Materials and Catalysis

John Barber Asbury

Email: jasbury@psu.edu

College: Science

Topical Naltrexone Treatment for Diabetic Dry Eye

Ian Zagon

Email: isz1@psu.edu

College: Medicine

Tracking Online Pharmacies Through Web Mining

Hui Zhao

Email: huz10@psu.edu

College: Smeal and Engineering

Towards Commercialization of Fresh-Market and Processing Tomato Varieties Developed at Penn State

Majid Foolad

Email: mrf5@psu.edu

College: Agriculture

Quantifying the Benefits of Dissolvable Metal Supports for Additive Manufacturing

Timothy Simpson

Email: tws8@psu.edu

College: Engineering

Signal Amplification for In Situ Protein Analysis

Yong Wang

Email: yxw30@psu.edu

College: Engineering

Versatile Display Scaffolds for Cryo-EM Approaches

Scott Linder

Email: scott.lindner@psu.edu

College: Engineering and Medicine


A High-Magnification Robust Ball Lens Microscope for External Cell Phone Attachment

Arpita Roy

Email: aur17@psu.edu

College: Science

AnyMDx: A Mobile Molecular Diagnostics Lab for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Weihua Guan

Email: wzg111@psu.edu

College: Engineering

Bull fertility genetic diagnostic assay

Wansheng Liu

Email: wul12@psu.edu 

College: Agriculture

Development of an Ultrasound Guidance Device for the Placement of External Ventricular Drains

S. Will Hazard

Email: swh10@psu.edu

College: Medicine

Development of a Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) Analysis Instrument

Siyang Zheng

Email: sxz10@psu.edu

College: Engineering

Development of the Flap Jack Retractor for the Use in Soft Tissue Retraction

Rena Kass

Email: rbk11@psu.edu

College: Medicine

Dezi--Rethinking Local Food Linkages

Amit Sharma

Email: aus22@psu.edu

College: Health and Human Development

Got Milk?? A Method for Diagnosing Lactation Performance

Shannon Kelleher

Email: slk39@psu.edu

College: Medicine

Manure Phosphorus Extraction System (MAPHEX)

Alexander Hristov

Email: anh13@psu.edu 

College: Agriculture

Powering the 'Internet of Things'

Aman Haque

Email: mah37@psu.edu

College: Engineering

Wear-IT Together: An integrative framework for physiological and social data collection

Timothy Brick

Email: trb21@psu.edu

College: Health and Human Development

An Online Marketplace for Mental Health Professionals in Schools

James DiPerna

Email: jcd12@psu.edu

College: Education


A Streamlined Cost-Effective ChIP-exo Epigenomic Assay

P. Franklin Pugh

Email: bfp2@psu.edu

College: Science

An Intelligent Adaptive Network Defense Architecture

Dinghao Wu

Email: duw12@psu.edu

College: Information Sciences and Technology

Antibrowning mushroom

Yinong Yang

Email: yuy3@psu.edu

College: Agriculture

Bringing Penn State Mobile Photography Technologies to Market

James Wang

Email: jzw11@psu.edu

College: Information Sciences and Technology

Commercialization of Structure-Seq: A genome-wide method of RNA structure determination

Philip Bevilaqua

Email: pcb5@psu.edu

College: Science

Developing a Tasty, Nutrient-Rich "Recovery Drink" for Individuals Undergoing Cancer Treatment

Petr Bordi

Email: fu2@psu.edu

College: Health and Human Development

Development of a Surface Acoustic Wave Device for Precise Probing of Mechanotransduction at the Single-Cell Level

Tony Jun Huang

Email: tony.huang@duke.edu

College: Engineering

Development of Citrate Polymer-Based Coatings and Meshes for Abdominal Wall Hernia Repair

Eric Pauli

Email: emp163@psu.edu

College: Medicine

Development of High-Energy-Density Lithium Alloy-Sulfur Batteries

Donghai Wang

Email: duw13@psu.edu

College: Engineering

Diagnostic Tests to Improve Dairy Profitability

Troy Ott

Email: tlo12@psu.edu

College: Agriculture

High Efficiency and High Cooling Power Density Electrocaloric Cooler

Qiming Zhang

Email: qxz1@psu.edu

College: Engineering

IGnition: Intelligent Group Cognition and Simulation

Marc Friedenberg

Email: maf946@psu.edu

College: Information Sciences and Technology

Online assessment, MH professionals

Eric Loken

Email: loken@psu.edu

College: Health and Human Development

Piloting Diffusiophoretic Membrane Fouling Reduction

Darrell Velegol

Email: dxv9@psu.edu

College: Engineering

Project TEAM

Richard Hazler

Email: rjh29@psu.edu

College: Education

Protect My Child (PMC): A Secure Over-the-Air Parental Control System for Smart Devices

Sencun Zhu

Email: sxz16@psu.edu

College: Information Sciences and Technology

Scaled-Up Production of Carbon Nanotube Microfluidic Size Tunable Virus Enrishment Platform

Siyang Zheng

Email: sxz10@psu.edu

College: Science

Summit--A Methodology and Software Tool for Analysis, Design, and Evaluation of Technology in Complex

Steven Haynes

Email: srh10@psu.edu

College: Information Sciences and Technology

Sustainable Barrier Coatings

Jeffrey Catchmark

Email: jmc102@psu.edu

College: Agriculture


Bioconversion of Marcellus Shale Methane to the Alternative Fuel Methanol

Costas Maranas

Email: cdm8@psu.edu

College: Science

Cyanobacterial biofertilizers soil amendments

Mary Ann Bruns

Email: mvb10@psu.edu

College: Agriculture

Development of a Colored Avocado Seed Extract as a Natural Food Colorant

Gregory Ziegler

Email: grz1@psu.edu

College: Agriculture

Environmentally Friendly Mass Production of Graphene and Graphene Oxide Ultra-Tough Fibers and Films for Smart Textiles and Gas Separation Technologies

Mauricio Terrones

Email: mut11@psu.edu

College: Science

Inhibitors of the Farnesoid X Receptor and Uses in Medicine for the Treatment of Obesity and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Shantu Amin

Email: sga3@psu.edu

College: Medical

Low cost fruit harvest assist device

Paul Heineman


College: Agriculture

Qualitative and Quantitative Point-of-Care Assays

Scott Phillips

Email: stp12@psu.edu

College: Science

Rapid Detection of Pathogenic Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli Using Lateral Flow Devices

Chitrita Debroy

Email: rcd3@psu.edu

College: Agriculture

Screening New Boron Compounds for Anti-Fungal Activity Useful in Agricultural and Environmental Settings

Stephen Benkovic

Email: sjb1@psu.edu

College: Science

Small Molecule Inhibitors Targeting PAD4 for Cancer Treatment

Yanming Wang

Email: yuw12@psu.edu

College: Science