Stages of Commercialization & Funding

During the commercialization process, numerous Penn State administrative units and community collaborators provide mentorship, advisement and entrepreneurship training.

Proof of Concept

  • Awards of up to $75,000
  • Commercial application/Prototype development
  • Collaboration with academic college research program

Proof of Relevance

  • Market potential assessed
  • Collaboration with Smeal College’s Farrell Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Decide Commercial Path

  • License to Industry or
  • Start a company

APEX Program

  • Go-to-Market plan developed for promosing ventures by Smeal MBAs

Entrepreneurship Training

  • Based on Lean Startup Methodology

Venture Launched

  • Jumpstart Awards of up to $75,000

  • Office of Technology Management
  • Office of Entrepreneurship and Commercialization
  • Innovation Park
  • Law – Entrepreneur Assistance Clinic
  • Law – Intellectual Property Clinic
  • Smeal College of Business
    • APEX Program
    • Farrel Center for Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurship